Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gamer Go Launcher Ex Theme

For old games lovers, we have the perfect go launcher theme.
Retro Games theme surely will make you remember hours and hours of enterteiment in front of a old video games console.

We hope that you enjoy it and remember that if you have any questions or need support about it just send us an email and we will do anything to try to help you.

You can install GAMER theme from HERE

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*** Images are for illustrative being of excellent quality in the theme. ***

How to apply installed themes?

1. You must have GO Launcher installed.You can install it free from here
2. To apply the theme within GO Launcher EX : press MENU key > select Themes option -> select Theme to apply
3. To change icons: Long press an icon > Replace > Theme's icons

You can get more wallpapers for this theme from here. Just download and copy them to the memory of your phone, open the image and use Android options to configure as wallpapers.
Wallpaper 1 - Wallpaper 2 - Wallpaper 3

Enjoy it!!!

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